The first signing to Dumont Dumont is RY X,
from Australia and now based in LA, and his Berlin EP.

The Berlin EP is out now both as 12" vinyl (sold out) and digital.

Listen to RY X Click here

RY X on Spotify

“an absolute masterpiece of a track from start to finish. It’s honestly one of the most cleanly gorgeous songs I’ve heard in a very long time”
- I Guess I'm Floating (US)

"It’s almost painful it’s so damn good."
- The Music Ninja (US)

“Want to listen to something quite beautiful? Well you should get a load of RY X and the track
‘Berlin’ which will ripple across you like a hybrid Bon Iver & Matt Corby track. It’s not just good. It’s exquisite audio silk. Get it into your ears now.”
-Your Music Radar (Australia)

"his upcoming release is stunning"
- Pigeons and Planes (US)

“Velvety smooth, velvet arpeggio, RY X reinvents itself in intimate folk pop harmonies.”
-Pause Musicale (France)

"We at Rough Trade shops predict a big future for this special talent."
- Rough Trade (UK)

The song Berlin by RY X was featured in the Sony 4K TV ad for UK, Germany and France running November to December 2013.

Watch the Sony 4 K ad here

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